Rug-Pull Proof
We value your safety.
The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can sometimes be a wild-west of scams, deception and rug-pulls.
We believe that this is suppressing the growth of the chain, as well as keeping the value of BNB down. Basically; it is extremely harmful both to you, and us.
This is why Farmhub was created. We want to provide a trustworthy, stable, and safe environment for all BSC users. We were sick of seeing people being robbed of their hard-earned money, and decided to try and make a change.
That's why our staking contracts are time-locked. This means every action our developers or administrators perform is broadcasted publicly 24 hours before it can be executed. This gives our users plenty of time to secure their funds before an administrator, developer, or hacker could move them.
In addition to the time-locks, we have made sure to remove any trace of 'migrator' code. A migrator code is often used to perform rug-pulls and theft by allowing the developer of a contract to move the pooled liquidity out of the platform, so we've made sure that there is no possibility of this happening, even if our team gets hacked or attacked.
Last modified 6mo ago
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