Toad Farm
The genesis farm
In february of 2021,
Toad.Farm was launched.
The launch of Toad Farm was a great success, and the value of the token skyrocketed. However, after a short period, the value of Toad significantly decreased due to inflation. This inflation was caused by the fact that tokens were being generated every block (3 seconds), but no tokens were being removed from the circulating supply.
Our team started brainstorming, and tried to think of a solution, this was a very painstaking and difficult process, but we've pulled through and managed to figure it out. Our idea; Mouse Farm.
Nobody knew what the implications were yet, as we did not reveal our plans or secrets to anybody. Many were hesitant, and did not understand our vision. As time passed by, many investors started to realize what the bigger picture looked like, and even though we tried to keep everything under wraps; our plan was foiled. The community had figured out where Farmhub was going!
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