Snek Farm
Eats, and gets eaten, what a world!
In march of 2021,
Snek.Farm was launched.
A first of its kind yield-farm, it features time-limited staking pools, where users stop earning rewards after a certain amount of time passes.
This feature incentivizes the burning of tokens to remove them from circulation, as well as funneling currency into a Community Investment fund.
The farm features an innovative 'Time-Limit' feature on most farms and pools. This means users can only earn SNEK for a certain time period when staking. When this time period has ended, the user will no longer earn any SNEK until they un-stake.
Farm time limit: 7 days
Pool time limit: 21 hours
If a user claims their reward too late, they will not lose any rewards; they simply earn the same amount they would have earned during the time limit.
If a user claims their rewards too early, they will earn less SNEK than if they wait for the time limit to end.
The deposit fees on Snek.Farm work differently than on the other farms, here is a breakdown of the average deposit fees:
Nest Fee: 3%
Developer Fee: 1.5%
Community Fee: 0.25%
Note: 100% of the BUSD pool fee goes into the accumulating Eagle's Nest automatically.
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