Eagle's Nest

What is the Eagle's Nest?

The Eagle's Nest is our bread-and-butter innovation. It's our pride, our creation, our brand.
For a long time, we brainstormed ideas to give people incentive for providing liquidity to the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), because if there is no use-case, no goal, and no purpose for a token, it will lose value, and people won't want to farm it.
That's why we have created the Eagle's Nest system. An automated, decentralized 'vault' system that automatically rewards investors for providing liquidity for Decentralized Exchange.

How does the Eagle's Nest work?

The Eagle's Nest may seem quite complicated to new investors, but it is actually very simple, in short terms; here is a step-by-step guide.
    Farm TOAD or MOUSE by providing the DEX with liquidity (optional)
    Feed the eagle with TOAD, MOUSE, or BUSD
    Claim EAGLE reward tokens after 21 hours (or earlier, but the cooldown will not reset, and you will miss out on reward tokens)
    Deposit EAGLE tokens into an Eagle's Nest
    Wait for the Eagle's Nest to accumulate value
    Claim your share of the Eagle's Nest rewards
Each nest has 3 phases:
During the Depositing phase, users can deposit any amount of EAGLE tokens they own. When a new Nest is opened, the Depositing phase will end, and the Nest will start its Accumulating phase.
During the Accumulating phase, transaction fees from our farms are automatically sent to the Nest, which will increase the value of all user's deposited EAGLE tokens. At this point it is no longer possible to deposit EAGLE tokens, meaning a user's share can only go up in value.
During the Claiming phase, the Nest will no longer receive transaction fees, nor allow for deposits. Users are only able to claim their rewards from the Nest.
Eagle's Nest rewards are distributed according to the share of EAGLE tokens each user has deposited, for example:
An Eagle's Nest contains 10 EAGLE tokens, and 15 000 BUSD
Bob owns 4 of the EAGLE tokens in the nest
Alice owns 4 of the EAGLE tokens in the nest
Johnny owns 2 of the EAGLE tokens in the nest
Bob deposited 4 of the 10 (40%) of the EAGLE tokens, he is able to claim 40% of the Nest's BUSD value. This means Bob will claim 6 000 BUSD.
Alice had also deposited 4 of the 10 (40%) of the EAGLE tokens, she will also claim 6 000 BUSD.
Johnny had deposited 2 of the 10 (20%) of the EAGLE tokens, he will claim 3 000 BUSD.
In some cases, a user may disappear and never claim their rewards, to prevent these funds from being lost forever, there is a Recover function that allows anyone to recover the 'lost' funds from a vault. When this function is called, the unclaimed funds will be automatically sent to a recovery address, from which the Farmhub team can send it to accumulating nests at will. It can only be called 90 days after the Nest's inception, giving users plenty of time to claim their rewards.
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